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Little Battlers eXperience‘s US TV premiere, a Detective Conan interactive play, and a Street Fighter-inspired insurance ad.

©L5 / PDS ・TX
©L5 / PDS ・TX
Little Battlers eXperience to premiere on American Nicktoons channel

The mecha anime Little Battlers eXperience is set to have it’s U.S. TV premiere on the cable channel Nicktoons later this year, its license holder Dentsu Entertainment USA announced.

The series, based from the role-playing game of the same name developed by Level 5, first aired in Japan on March 2011 and has since spawned two sequels.

Here in the Philippines, Little Battlers eXperience is currently airing on ABS-CBN Sports+Action every weekday mornings, as well as .


Detective Conan to have interactive stage play adaptation

Shogakukan together with the Kinokuniya Southern Theater will produce a stage play adaptation of the crime-mystery manga Detective Conan titled Mystery Stage Detective Conan: Satsui no Kaien Bell which will run from June 4 to 15 this year.

But this is not just an ordinary stage play, for the audience will get to help solve the mystery together with the play’s lead Conan Edogawa.

The seiyuu in the manga’s anime adaptation Minami Takayama and Wakana Yamazaki, who lend their voices to Conan and Ran respectively, are set to perform in the said play.


Turkish car insurance ad features hadoken attacks from Street Fighter

If you own a car, you know that your precious property could be at risk from being damaged from accidents, natural disasters, and… hadoken attacks from Ryu?

The last item is what the Turkish insurance company Anadolu Sigorta claims they can insure your car for, as they show in their latest commercial which you can watch here (English captions available).

However, as an artist of the Street Fighter video game franchise Long Vo notes, it is questionable whether the ad agency that produced the commercial got official permission from the game’s designer CAPCOM to use the character’s sprites.


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