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Second Persona 3 film’s trailer, Neon Alley‘s strategy shift, and Fullmetal Alchemist mangaka’s new baby.

©Index Corporation / “Persona 3” Movie Production Committee
Trailer for Persona 3’s second film released

The first trailer for the upcoming sequel of Persona 3‘s animated film adaptation has been released on its official website, along with its cast and staff list.

Persona 3 the Movie #2 Midsummer Knight’s Dream, the second of a movie series based on the popular role-playing video game Persona 3, is set to hit Japanese theaters this summer.

The first movie Persona 3 The Movie #1 Spring of Birth premiered in Japan on November 23 last year.




Photo provided by VizMedia
Photo provided by VizMedia
Internet-only anime channel Neon Alley to become on-demand service

Neon Alley will switch from being an Internet-exclusive anime channel to a free on-demand service starting this April, its parent company Viz Media announced this past Tuesday.

From its launch in 2012, Neon Alley was a subscription-based channel available to PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 owners in the U.S. that offers English-dubbed anime licensed by Viz Media such as Naruto Shippuuden, Tiger and Bunny, and Inuyasha: The Final Act.

Starting April 1, Neon Alley‘s entire anime lineup will become available on-demand for free through the Internet streaming service Hulu.



Illustration by Hiromu Arakawa
Illustration by Hiromu Arakawa
FMA, Silver Spoon mangaka Hiromu Arakawa has third baby

Hiromu Arakawa is not just a Japanese mangaka best known for her work in Fullmetal Alchemist and Silver Spoon, but she is also now a mother of three.

Arakawa announced the birth of her third baby on her blog this past Wednesday, although she did not specify exactly when she gave birth nor the sex of her new child.

“In my private life, I gave birth to my third child last month so my family life has gotten busier,” she said, along with an illustration (shown on the right) with a caption that reads, “Human Transmutation Accomplished.”


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