Japanese/American collaboration made to celebrate NHK mascot’s 15th anniversary.

Domo-kun is much more than the brown, perpetually wide-mouthed bear that grace T-shirts, shoulder bags and other merchandise we see so much nowadays. He is also the official mascot of the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, and he will be having a TV special to mark the 15th anniversary of his creation.


The TV special titled Domo Hollywood e Iku! (Domo Goes to Hollywood!) is produced by NHK in collaboration with Josh Sellig, who also produced other children’s shows such as Wonder Pets, at his Little Airplane Studios.

The story will be all about Domo-kun as he makes his way to Hollywood on a skateboard. The special will premiere on March 28 at 11:15pm JST on NHK‘s BS Premium channel.


Domo-kun was introduced on December 22, 1998 by Tsuneo Goda’s dwarf inc. studio. He was initially the mascot of NHK‘s satellite channels NHK BS1and BS Premium, but eventually went on to represent the public broadcaster as a whole.

A series of stop-motion shorts featuring Domo-kun is currently being aired on ABS-CBN Channel 02‘s Team Animazing morning anime block, with one episode being aired right after Ultraman Mebius and Kuroko’s Basketball.


SOURCES: Anime News Network

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article previously noted the year of Domo-kun’s introduction as 1988 instead of 1998. The mistake has since been corrected. We sincerely apologize for the error.