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Famed anime director says industry is “full of otaku” who “can’t stand looking at other humans.”

Hayao Miyazaki is certainly famous for his award-winning anime films such as Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. However, he is also known for his frank and honest opinions about current events and trends in the anime industry.

In an interview posted on the Japanese newsblog Golden Time, Miyazaki ponders about the current state of the industry he helped to develop while demonstrating how he creates a typical sketch of a young girl.


Screengrab from Golden Time via Rocket News 24
Screengrab from Golden Time via Rocket News 24

“Almost all Japanese animation is produced with hardly any basis taken from observing real people,” he says. “It’s produced by humans who can’t stand looking at other humans, and that is why the industry is full of otaku.”

Whether or not this was a generalized tirade against otaku or the recent moe trend is not apparent, but it is clear from his quote where he perceives the lack of realism in many recent anime is stemming from.


Miyazaki has spoken out against other issues in the past, such as the current Abe administration in Japan and the Iraq War.

He couldn’t even hide his disgust of iPads. “On trains, the number of those people doing that strange masturbation-like gesture is multiplying,” he quips, referring to the tablet’s touch gestures.


SOURCES: Rocket News 24 via Anime News Network, Kotaku