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Singapore, 17 January 2014 – SOZO Pte Ltd today announced the creation of a new platform, the Japan Music Festival (JMF), an umbrella brand for Concerts of Japanese artists throughout 2014. It’s created to further promote Japanese entertainment and music in the South East Asian region and beyond.

Currently 2 dates, 19th January 2014 and 27th January have been revealed on the website ( of the platform as stated for release of information.


About Japan Music Festival
Our Mission – To celebrate Japanese Music by engaging fans in SE Asia and beyond, with the best and latest in Japanese Music Concert Experience – direct from Japan.

What is JMF? – JMF 2014 will be the culmination of a series of solo concerts – bringing the best in J-Pop, J-Rock and more JMF 2014 promises to engage over 10,000 concert attendees in Singapore, Jakarta and the region.

Members of the public who wish to find out more about the concert may visit:


About SOZO
SOZO represents a cutting edge entertainment and youth-marketing driven company. Made up of a diverse talented pool of industry professionals, SOZO is focused towards interactive marketing, developing animation and entertainment content and service platforms geared at engaging young adults at both regional and global levels.

SOZO’s main mission is focused on delivering highly entertaining pop culture experiences, contents and products that will constantly engage, thrill and excite this young and restless market.


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