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Hiro Mashima, during Japan Expo 2010 (Photo from Wikipedia)
Hiro Mashima, during Japan Expo 2010 in France (Photo from Wikipedia)
Fairy Tail mangaka working on new manga series

Hiro Mashima, the mangaka behind the highly successful Rave Master and Fairy Tail series, has announced last Sunday that he is set to start a new manga series.

The new series will be published on a different magazine rather than on Weekly Shounen Magazine, the current home of his ongoing manga Fairy Tail.

Masashima did assure his fans that Fairy Tail is not ending anytime soon, but simply felt the need to create a new series amidst the long run of the said series.



Screenshot from SUBARU advertisement
Screenshot from SUBARU advertisement
Car advert gives sneak peek of upcoming Attack on Titan live-action movie

If you’re just too excited to see what a live-action Attack on Titan movie would look like, look no further than this recently-aired Subaru Forester commercial.

The 30-second advert features a Forester driving on a mountain road past two attacking Titans before stopping in front of a colossal Titan.

Shinji Higuchi will direct the upcoming live-action film adaptation of Attack on Titan which begins filming this summer and will hit Japanese theaters sometime next year.


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Stephen Colbert forsees Miyazaki-themed Super Bowl halftime show

The Colbert Report just couldn’t resist making a surreal Hayao Miyazaki reference while “reporting” about this year’s NFL Super Bowl.

In the piece, host Stephen Colbert made an interesting observation about the two teams that made it to the Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Hawks: they both come from U.S. states that recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana (Colorado and Washington, respectively).

He then foresaw a pot-themed Super Bowl where instead of a musical halftime show, “they’ll just put a two-hour Hayao Miyazaki movie on the Jumbotron,” he said while the show played a short clip of Miyazaki’s Oscar-winning film Spirited Away.



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