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Japanese culture channel Hello! Japan is set to celebrate its First Anniversary this February, and it is set to offer interesting culture & travel programs, as well as entertaining shows.

To kick-off the celebration, the channel is set to air the three-hour special of the popular live music program Music Station this Chinese New Year, together with two (2) unique food shows.


Music Station 3-hour special

Music Station 3hr Special

3 hours of the most reputable and esteemed prime-time live music performances in Japan! Every week, 5 to 6 top artists bring you the latest J-pop music in the scene. Rock out with your favourite artists and get to know them better through the studio talks with them on magnificent sets specially designed for each song.

Music Japan 3-hour special premieres on Chinese New Year, Friday (January 31), at 07:00pm SGT. Encore telecast on the next day at 12:00pm SGT.


Find the True Yummy Ramen Shop
©TV Tokyo
©TV Tokyo

Introducing a popular ramen shop that always has a long queue is too common! In this program, we will introduce the “delicious ramen shop that does not be have a queue”. Do you want to know the real delicious Ramen shop?

Find the True Yummy Ramen Shop premieres on Saturday, February 01, at 03:00pm SGT


Well-Established Restaurants Located in the Alley


©TV Tokyo
©TV Tokyo

Dark narrow roads make us hesitant to step in, but in these back alleys, a hidden world awaits!
This program features numerous best kept secrets of popular restaurants hidden away from the busy main street.

Well-Established Restaurants Located in the Alley is a three-part special, airing on the following times:
PART 1 – February 01 (Saturday) at 05:00pm SGT
PART 2 – February 02 (Sunday) at 12:00pm SGT
PART 3 – February 02 (Sunday) at 04:00pm SGT


Also set to premiere this February are travel & lifestyle programs, which unique ways of reaching their goals.

GALA Snow Wonderland! ~77minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen!~
©Shinshu Enzou. All Rights Reserved
©Shinshu Enzou. All Rights Reserved

Join reporters Maeda and Anthony as they set off on a day trip by rail, from Tokyo Station to the GALA Snow Resort, using the JR Kanto Area Pass! They’ll show viewers how to navigate within the famous restaurants and shops in Tokyo station, to take a direct route to Niigata for its snow and sake wine tasting, and much more!

GALA Snow Wonderland! ~77 minutes from Tokyo by Shinkansen!~ will have its exclusive world premiere on Sunday, Fenruary 02, at 06:30pm SGT


Hungry Hoppers S2
おにぎりあたためますか S2

Join Yo Oizumi, Shigeyuki Totsugiand Sato Mamifrom Hokkaido on a gourmet trip around Japan! The trio, calling themselves “the piggy family” goes pigging around Japan, discovering new locations and trying out rare gourmet! A brand new style of food entertainment that will trigger your taste buds and travel desires!

The second season of Hungry Hoppers premieres on February 05 (Wednesday), airing Every Monday to Wednesday nights at 07:00pm SGT.


Also set to premiere starting this February is the highly-popular comedy-drama anime Angel Beats, as well as two (2) historical movies.

Angel Beats
©Visual Art's / Key / Angel Beats! Project
©Visual Art’s / Key / Angel Beats! Project

A group of students fighting for their fate and future in afterlife… Otonashi awakens into an afterlife high school where he meets a girl named Yuri. She is the leader of “Shinda Sekai Sensen” (SSS), a group of rebellions against God who gave them their unfulfilled and cruel life. Their enemy is Angel, a girl who has supernatural powers and fights against the SSS. Despite being unable to recall his previous life or know what will happen in the world he has landed in, Otonashi decides to fight with Yuri and gang.

Angel Beats premieres on Friday, February 07, at 11:00pm SGT.



A leading member of the Shinsen-gumi (a special police force in last Shogunate era), was ambused while guarding an advisory of the Shogun. His attacker was one of the most legendary deceased Samurai swordsmen of all times, brought back to life by an evil Onmyoji (Japanese sorcerer). To protect the Emperor from the abduction plan, each of the five selected members of the Shinsen-gumi faces the resurrected Samurai swordsmen in the battle of their lifetime!

Directed by Ryo Nakajima of “Rise up (2009)” and “Switch wo Osutoki – Time to press the switch (2011)” and fresh faces of the Japanese acting world, this action packed movie will sure to entertain Samurai genre lovers around the globe!

SHINSEN5 premieres on Sunday,February 02, at 09:00pm SGT.


Heso Mori
©2011 HESOMORI Production Committee
©2011 HESOMORI Production Committee

Inside the mountainous region of Echizen, an area well known as the origin of the traditional Japanese paper, exists a small mysterious carvern called “Heso”, or the Belly-button, of Japan.

Heso is a wondrous tunnel that enables you to time travel through history. For 1500 years, Heso has been guarded from the public and been taken care of by its gate keeper known as HESO MORI. Satoshi was born into a traditional paper craftman’s family. When Satoshi was a boy, he and his friends wandered into feudal Edo Japan via Heso, and were nearly killed by samurais. In the nick of time he was saved by his HESO MORI grandfather.

Forty years has passed and today, Satoshi has taken over the family legacy of traditional paper making and the rold of HESO MORI. He is called to duty when a building contractor finds out about Heso and tries to abuse it. Satoshi and the boys once again unite forces to protect Heso, their loved ones and Echizen’s valuable traditions.

Heso Mori premieres on Sunday, February 09, at 09:00pm


Lastly, Hello! Japan is in for a treat, and the channel brings you a special lifestyle program from studios in Tokyo and Singapore…

HELLO! Tokyo

Hello! Tokyo

It’s Hello! Japan’s 1st anniversary, and the channel is proud to present Hello! Tokyo a lifestyle programme airing live from the studios in Japan & Singapore!

The first of its kind, and co- produced together with Amazon Laterna, this LIVE show aims to connect with viewers at home, by bringing them to some of Tokyo’s most popular spots like Harajuku, Akihabara and Asakusa. The programme will be recorded live in an interactive format between studios in Singapore & Tokyo.

The popular Japanese pop-culture extraordinaire Danny Choo is also set to be a part of the show as a guest from studios in Tokyo.

Hello! Tokyo is set to air from February 09 to 23, Every Sundays at 04:00pm.


For more details on Hello! Japan and its programming, please visit their website at hellojapantv.com.