© "We Wish to be Milky Holmes" Production Committee

Japanese culture channel Hello! Japan is set to air We Wish to be Milky Holmes, which is the third season of the detective-themed comedy anime Detective Opera Milky Holmes.

It has been 2 years since the appearance of the notorious “Thieves Empire”, and the brave detective girls who stand in their way, “Milky Holmes”. A moment of tranquility has arrived in the streets of Yokohama. This is where Kazumi Tokiwa and Alice Myojingawa, two 12 year old close friends reside. Attending different detective academies, they often meet after school and work hard towards becoming detectives. One fine day, the pair witnesses a Thief escaping on the streets. They give chase, and what lies ahead of them is……?

The series premieres on January 03, airing Every Friday nights at 11:00pm SGT.


Also set to premiere on the channel are four (4) movies that will make Sunday nights an emotional night, which are Thanatos, Come on Happiness, The Road Less Travelled, and G’mor Evian.


Riku fights for the biker gang to earn money for the day. One day he meets with Tanabuki, an amateur boxer at Nishida Boxing Gyn.Riku is confident in this fighting skills, but he has no chance against Tanabuki. Tababuki is actually an aspired boxer to be the professional, but having brain disorder, he is not allowed to take the test to be the professional boxer in Japan. Frustrated at being beaten for the first time, Riku decides to join Nishida Boxing Gym and develops his skills as a boxer. On the other hand, Tanabuki aspires to make his comeback and debut in Mexico. Though their goals are different, both Riku and Tanabuki strive for their future by their fists.

THANATOS (タナトス) premieres on Sunday, January 05, at 09:00pm SGT.


ⓒ 2012 TC Entertainment
ⓒ 2012 TC Entertainment

All the hard time, all the sad moments, each of them was a piece of happiness.

Based n the true accounts of a charismatic musician Tesuya Matsumoto, this movie depicts an awkward bond between a mother and her son. Despite craving for an ordinary “happy” life as a child, Fumie (Sawa Suzuki) becomes a wife of a yakuza and bares his child. She gives birth to a boy and names him Tetsuya and although she dotes on him, she soon falls for drugs and had to be taken into rehabilitation. Meanwhile, Tetsuya lives in a children’s care home and spends his childhood feeling unloved, but finds the guitar play of the care home worker as comfort. Fumie eventually gets out of rehabilitation to live with Tetsuya, but the addiction creeps up on her again. Out of frustration and disappointment for his mother, Tetsuya causes injury case and taken into a reform school. After being released, Tetsuya leaves for Tokyo with a new dream to pursue his musical career. His music begins to be accepted by the public and he is a lot closer to his mother despite being long distance away. However, the damage from the years of drug abuse is finally taking its toll on Fumie’s body…

COME ON, HAPPINESS (しあわせカモン) premieres on Sunday, January 12, at 09:00pm SGT.


© "The Road Less Travelled" Movie Project
© “The Road Less Travelled” Movie Project

Kazuya Kouzuki is an ordinary 17 years old high school student in Kumamoto, who has the tendency to tell lies to fit in with his friends. When his friends were discussing about Tokyo, he couldn’t help but make up stories about his visit. Although he has never been to Tokyo before, he swears to bring the photos after the weekend to prove himself. By pretending to visit a future university, he is given money by his mother and reluctantly sets off for Tokyo.

However, this simple plan goes wrong due to series of events, which results in him missing the plane home. As he decides to sleep over night at the airport, a middle-aged shop assistant Masami calls out to him. Through several encounters, Kazuya realizes what’s important in life and also learns to face his true-self.

This is definitely the No.1 must-see film of the year for young adults and also their parents alike!

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED premieres on Sunday, January 19, at 09:00pm SGT.


© 2012 "G'mor evian!" Film Partners
© 2012 “G’mor evian!” Film Partners

Hatsuki is a strong willed 15 year old with an average teenage angst who years for a conventional life in spite of her unconventional family; Aki, a hardcore punk rocker of a single mom, and Aki’s ex-band mate boyfriend Yagu, whose eternally unemployed status and freewheeling attitude make him an unlikely father figure.

When Yagu comes home after his two-year overseas trip, Hatsuki finds herself not being able to welcome his anticipated return home with open arms. Now that she’s 15, things aren’t as simple and rock n’ roll as they used to be and she can’t help but feel frustrated at him.

However, when Hatsuki finds out that her best friend is moving after and Yagu tries to help Hatsuki say goodbye, Hatsuki discovers Yagu’s sad past and the reason why he is the way he is. Hatsuki eventually learns of the love that surrounds her and accepts her life as something special.

G’MOR EVIAN! premieres on Sunday, January 26, at 09:00pm SGT.


Also set to premiere this month are new episodes of Love Hokkaido (恋する北海道) and The Secret is Out Hometown Pride (秘密のケンミンSHOW) travel shows that discovers hometown pride of Japanese people.


LOVE HOKKAIDO (恋する北海道), presented by Yuko Ono, Li Qiang Isis and Megumi Ohno, new episode premieres on Saturdays, January 04, at 07:30pm SGT.

THE SECRET IS OUT HOMETOWN PRIDE (秘密のケンミンSHOW), presented by Mino Monta and Hisamoto Masami, new episode premieres on Monday, January 06, at 08:00pm SGT.


Hello! Japan is set to have its first anniversary next month and a lot of things will happen this February, including a premiere of a popular anime series, Music Station’s 3-hour spectacular, and a special live show.

For more details on Hello! Japan, please visit their website at hellojapantv.com.