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Pan-regional anime channel ANIMAX Asia has just aired their first “simulcast” title this year, which is Space Dandy… This is the third “simulcast” title by the channel with a bizarre theme. This is turning into some odd gamble ANIMAX is going into.

Yes, the previous anime titles K and Copellion are somewhat popular, but in my point of view, a gamble not really that may not be worth trying.


I believe the anime series K, also known as “K project” to probably distinguish itself on web search portals from the Latin alphabet, was popular mostly because of its character design, specifically its bishounen male characters — actually, almost all of them are male characters — and Neko’s fanservice, which was removed from ANIMAX Asia’s broadcast because of draconian censorship rules in countries like Malaysia & Singapore.

Beyond the hype and despite the rave reviews on Anime News Network, the story doesn’t make any sense to me. Yes, they are fighting, but why? I think the writers should have thought a much deeper reason for the conflict.

I hope the manga and movie adaptation can think of a deeper reason for that. With regards to the anime series, it’s simply an eye-candy… just like that odd glasses-themed anime Meganebu!


Coppelion, on the other hand, has a solid plot & storyline. My problem is how ANIMAX portrayed the anime. On their advertisement, they have portrayed Coppellion as an action-packed adventure anime regarding the abandoned capital… but all I think I got was a lot of whining, some crying, and Aoi Fukasaku screwing up.

That was a let-down on my expectations, and eventually dropped the title in the middle of the series.


But hey, I’m not saying that I’ve already closed my doors for Space Dandy, considering that it was produced by BONES, the producer of (what I think is) the Best Anime Franchise in the whole wide world, Fullmetal Alchemist! I’m just saying that if things got a little more surreal for my tastes, then it’s time for me to step away… step away.

Though I think they should have considered other titles to simulcast as well, like Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary), Golden Time, and Non Non Biyori of last season, as well as this season’s Mahou Sensou or maybe, the other BONES title Noragami. I’ll check out the others as soon as it becomes available.

Play your cards right, ANIMAX, but be careful… HEROtv and Aniplus Asia are just around the corner.

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