DISPATCHES: A Courageous Gamble, Kapamilya Issues, and A Decade with the...

What's Next with TV5's Anime Gamble?, Musings from a Kapamilya, and A decade of reminiscing.

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Taking place between the last two story arcs of the hit manga by Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is a movie generally intended for Fairy Tail’s most avid fans.

EDITORIAL: Is Facebook really turning a blind eye on Piracy?

The social networking site Facebook is once again in the spotlight on the technology scene, as well as mainstream news, because of the ever-popular Facebook Live platform.

OPINYON: Voltes V after 40 years, Kailangan pa bang ulitin?

Huling linggo na ng Voltes V sa telebisyon next week, samot-saring mga reaksyon at komento ang nakita ko noong bumalik ito sa GMA-7 noong Pebrero.

Running out of time, Digital release may be the better option

Japanese anime fans will surely be excited for this date, and most probably the producers as well. For movie distributors, maybe not.

EDITORIAL: BURNED OUT. Cosplay in the Philippines losing its luster?

If you attended a pop-culture convention in the country, you will surely see a lot of things that makes you feel that it is a bona fide convention, like booths, merchandises, food concessionaires and a stage. Any event that doesn't have any of those make some people either queasy or cringe worthy. No offense.

#RandomThought: Do I really need to explain the MTRCB again?

If you have been following opinion posts on Anime Pilipinas, you can probably say that we are definitely critical of the actions of a couple of Pinoy anime fans, but for a reason.

#RandomThought: I’m officially done with AniMEGA

The time for waiting may be over, so let's all pack our bags and just go.

EDITORIAL: The Ozine Uncertainty

Few days left to the event, more details has not yet been announced. The public is anxiously waiting.

DISPATCHES: Retaliation

So, Hero TV came guns a-blazing with their 2016 lineup, and I must say, the fan in me really really went up a notch. Look at...