COOL JAPAN, ANIMATE AND MORE… Anime Pilipinas talks to the Hallo...

Hallo Hallo executive gets candid on their first event, reveals plans for Proposed CJ Mall complex, Upcoming Shops.

EVENT REPORT: Cool Japan Festival 2015 – A Piece of Japan...

What's the first thing that comes to mind whenever Japan is mentioned? You'd be forgiven for giving answers like anime, manga, cosplay, J-pop and the like, but Japan has so much more cultural and economic treasures to offer. Although travelling to Japan is certainly the best way it experience it all, Hallo Hallo Alliance offered a solution that's much closer to home: the Cool Japan Festival 2015.

EVENT REPORT: Cosplay Mania 15 – All Worth It

Thirty-six thousand. That is the total number of tickets bought for Cosplay Mania 15. Thirty-six thousand people went to the booths, bought merchandises, witnessed the crowning of the country's representative to Anime Festival Asia 2015's regional cosplay tilt, and, yelled & cheered for Ladybeard and Pile's first-ever Manila gig.

EVENT REPORT: The Best of Anime 2015 – Making waves and...

At around 30 minutes past 7, the crowd started chanting, "Eir Ruru!" and "Eir Aoi!" The crowd continued to shout in anticipation, then after a few moments, she went on stage with microphone in tow and belted her first song in her setlist. It was her first time in the country, but judging from the reaction of the boisterous crowd that filled the BoA Concert Hall at the front end of the SMX Convention Center - Manila, it could have been mistaken for a comeback concert.

EVENT REPORT: HENSHINCON 2015, The Hero Spirit Lives On

In the Japanese pop-culture multiverse, the Tokusatsu fandom is probably one of the most underrated, if not the most under-served fandom. Sure, we may have been bitten one way or another by the Tokusatsu bug because of the shows that were aired in the old terrestrial networks in the '90's, but some of us have drifted from the Tokusatsu fandom into our main anime fandoms. But one thing is sure about the fandom: they have a loyal following.

EVENT REPORT: Henshincon 2015 Launch Party – An event worth spending…...

Just to be clear, I will not claim that I am a part of any Tokusatsu or Sentai fandom as the most recent tokusatsu show that I have seen is Masked Rider Hibiki, which was aired on TV5's highly-popular AniMEGA block a couple of years ago, but the most memorable for me is Masked Rider Black in the 90s.
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