Konomi Suzuki set to perform at Cosplay Mania this September

Local events organizer Cosplay.ph has announced on Friday that the anisong artist Konomi Suzuki will perform on Cosplay Mania this year.

Japanese rock band SPYAIR to perform at The Best of Anime...

Local events organizer Primetrade Asia has announced on Monday that the Japanese rock band SPYAIR is set to perform at The Best of Anime 2017.

Cosplay.ph announces first set of guests for Cosplay Mania 2017

Cosplay.ph, the organizer of the highly-anticipated Cosplay Mania, has announced on Sunday during their Cosplay Carnival event the first set of guests that will grace the popular event this year.

AFA’s SOZO and C3’s Sotsu to join forces to form C3...

Singapore-based event organizers SOZO Pte. Ltd. has announced on Wednesday that they will be joining forces with Sotsu Co. Ltd., organizers of the highly-popular C3 in Hong Kong and C3 CharaExpo in Singapore, to form a brand new event platform called C3 AFA.

Cosplay Mania 2017 date revealed

Pop-culture event organizer Cosplay.ph has announced on Sunday immediately after their I Love Anisong concert performance the date of Cosplay Mania in 2017.

Cosplay.ph updates “I Love Anisong” concert schedule at Cosplay Mania

Pop-culture events organizer Cosplay.ph has updated the I Love Anisong concert schedule at Cosplay Mania on Friday, in light with Shiena Nishizawa's cancellation of her appearance.