Daisuke Sato, Author of High School of the Dead manga, dies at 52

High School of the Dead fans would not be able see the continuation of the manga anymore as Daisuke Sato, its creator, had passed away. He was 52 years old.

ANIPLUS Asia released Attack on Titan S2’s Second Promotional Video

Southeast Asian anime channel ANIPLUS Asia has uploaded on Saturday the second promotional video of the second season of highly-popular anime series Attack on Titan.

Welcome to the New AnimePilipinas.com!

Hello to all our readers! This is JM, I would like to welcome you to the brand new AnimePilipinas.com!

Japanese music labels join forces to form ANiUTa music streaming service

Japanese music companies and labels has announced on Friday that they will join forces to form ANiUTa, a brand new subscription-based music streaming service.

Voltes V returns to GMA-7 featuring new celebrity voices

Terrestrial broadcaster GMA Network has announced that the classic mecha anime Voltes V is set to return to Philippine television starting Monday, March 27.

AFA’s SOZO and C3’s Sotsu to join forces to form C3 AFA

Singapore-based event organizers SOZO Pte. Ltd. has announced on Wednesday that they will be joining forces with Sotsu Co. Ltd., organizers of the highly-popular C3 in Hong Kong and C3 CharaExpo in Singapore, to form a brand new event platform called C3 AFA.

SM Cinema considering Kantai Collection movie screening in the Philippines

Anime Pilipinas has obtained a survey from theater chain SM Cinema, which asked Japanese anime fans and movie goers their interest in watching Kantai Collection anime...

ANIPLUS Asia set to screen Kantai Collection anime movie in theaters

Southeast Asian anime channel ANIPLUS Asia has announced on Tuesday that they are planning to screen the Kantai Collection anime movie in theaters throughout Southeast Asia. The...









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